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Ninja Turtle Roll

A soy wrapped roll - inside special mayo, shrimp tempura, avocado and gobo topped with spicy tuna and special sauce.


Ninja's Sushi & Sashimi

Chef's Choice - 8pcs of sushi and 3 kinds of sashimi (9pcs)


Ninja's Sushi & Roll

8pcs of sushi (Chef's choice) and California Roll with masago.


Ninja Hot Wings

Hot Wings 6pcs/12pcs


Ninja Roll

Shrimp tempura roll with raw salmon topped with seared avocado, tuna, wasabi sauce, sweet sauce, J-sauce, green onions and spicy sauce.


Ninja Sticks

Deep Fried 6pcs Spicy Calamari Tempura.


Kids Meal

Chicken Teriyaki: $6.99 Lunch | $7.99 Dinner

Beef Teriyki: $7.99 Lunch | Dinner $8.99

Donkachu (pork Cuttlet): $7.99 Lunch | Dinner $8.99

Chicken Kachu: $7.99 Lunch | Dinner $8.99

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