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Deep fried pork cutlet with steam rice.

$12.99 Lunch | $14.99 Dinner

Dragon Ball

Spicy tuna rice ball topped with sweet sauce, wasabi sauce, green onions and masago.


Dragon Tails

Marinaded tuna with asparagus topped with seared salmon, wasabi sauce, J-sauce, green onions and tobiko.


Dynamite Roll

California roll topped with baked scallops, mushrooms, crab, masago, green onions and radish spouts.


Disneyland Roll

Baked freshwater eel, avocado, gobo, cucumber topped with spicy tuna, wasabi sauce, sweet sauce and green onions.


Deep Fried Ice Cream

Mango, Green Tea Plum Wine


Dol Sot Bibimbob

Inside: Rice, Vegetable, Beef or Pork, sesame oil & spicy sauce.


Basic Sushi Roll

California Roll
in: cucomber, crab, avacado


Spicy Tuna Roll
in: cucomber, spicy tuna, green onion


Spicy Crab Roll
in: cucomber, spicy crab, green onion


Spicy Shrimp Roll
in: avacado, mix shrimp & crab, green onion


Spicy Scallop Roll
in: cucomber, spicy scallop, green onion


Spicy Salmon Roll
in: spicy salmon, avacado, green onion


Spicy Waloo Roll


Spicy Yellow Tail Roll
in: cucomber, spicy yellow tail, green onion


Mexian Roll
in: jalapeno, spicy sauce, special mayo, cucumber, avacado, crab


Vege Roll


Cucumber Roll (Kappa Maki)


Tuna Roll (Tekka Maki)


Avacado Roll


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